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Gainesville Wood Floors

  • We sand and refinish solid wood floors in the Gainesville area. We took some time off from floors to focus on our custom woodwork, building and installing Modern and Contemporary Cabinets, Furniture and Architectural Mill work. Now, we are back!

    We install, sand, finish and refinish solid wood floors in Gainesville, FL. and close surrounding areas. We have chosen to specialize in only working on solid wood floors that are nailed in place. If your floors are glued or are floating over a concrete slab we unfortunately will not be able to help you. If your floors are nailed down to a wood sub-floor over joists we can be of service. Please call (352) 371-3571 for more Information.



    Excellent work! We received quotes from several places in town and decided to use Jason because of his willingness to outline all steps, his fair price (not the lowest – but the very best quality for the cost), and obvious attention to detail. He was happy to discuss different ways to keep the price affordable, and let us choose our options. He was the only place in town who communicated a strategy that considered aesthetic and not just a speedy installation. We now have oak floors, beautifully installed in our 1938 house. Jason is very professional and comes with my recommendation!

    “Jason and his team refinished the original red oak parquet floors in our 62yo house. He provided an accurate estimate of cost and time and finished the project according to his estimate. The floors look amazing and dealing with Jason was easy. Would definitely hire him again and recommend him to family and friends.” — Daniel

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    Contact and Connect

    Jason Straw 352 371 3571 EXT 1

    email: jasonstrawwoodworker (at) gmail.com
    website: https://strawwoodwork.com

    About Gainesville Wood Floors

    Wood Flooring

    We install, finish and refinish solid wood flooring in Gainesville, FL. Please view the flooring gallery for photos.

    Environmental Concerns

    We use water based low VOC or natural pure tung oil finishes . All of our bottles and all the cardboard they come in are recycled. The shop where we make the custom moldings and transitions (as well as our custom furniture) receives some of it’s power from a 2.4 KW solar array. The van we work from runs on compressed natural gas. We take our commitment to environmental and social responsibility seriously.

    About Jason Straw

    On the strawwoodwork.com site you can view many photos of our work, construction related and fine furniture.

    Jason is also a Florida licensed and insured Building Contractor who specializes but is not limited to historic home restoration, fine furniture, all types of custom woodworking and more…
    CBC# 1253443

    If you have any questions please feel free to give Jason an email jasonstrawwoodworker (at) gmail (dot) com