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About-Gainesville Wood Floors

  • Gainesville Wood Floors

    We Install nail-down flooring, finish and refinish solid wood floors in and around Gainesville, Florida . Please view the flooring gallery for photos.

    Environmental Concerns

    We use water based low VOC or natural pure tung oil finishes . All of our bottles and all the cardboard they come in are recycled. The shop where we make the custom moldings and transitions (as well as our custom furniture) receives some of it’s power from a 24 KW solar array.  We take our commitment to environmental and social responsibility seriously.

    On the jasonstrawwoodworker.com site you can view many photos of our work, construction related and fine furniture.

    Jason is also a Florida licensed and insured Building Contractor who specializes but is not limited to historic home restoration, fine furniture, all types of custom woodworking and more…
    CBC# 1253443

    If you have any questions please feel free to give Jason an email
    jasonstrawwoodworker (at) gmail (dot) com